Larry Raskin's 5 Keys To Success

Published: 03rd November 2009
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Hey there. So glad you could make it. It's a little late at night for me here - so I'll be brief.

So...Today we're looking at a network marketing guru - Larry Raskin.

If you've never heard of Larry Raskin - he's on of the top people over at ACN. I'm not going to go into Larry's life story here but I can easily say that he's one of the most success network marketers out there. And... I dare you to find a better and more motivated speaker. He's simply dynamite on stage.

So... what are the 5 keys to his success? Where does he get all that energy? And what can we learn from him that we can apply to our businesses?

I could just give you a bunch of inspirational mumbo jumbo - but I rather give you the truth. But I would never consider wasting your valuable time like that. So here you go...

Larry Raskin and the 5 keys to your success

Success Key 1 - As Network Marketers - We've Got Stop Complaining

That's right. I know it sounds a bit blunt - but we've got to be stronger. Whining never made anyone rich anyway.

Success Key 2 - It's Time To Admit That We Are Network Marketers

This is a weird one. But most people in network marketing don't want to actually admit that they're in network marketing. You must carry your opportunity with pride.

Success Key 3 - Know That Times Will Get Tough

Here's a quote I got while listening to some training by Larry. "Who would ever want to follow someone that's always had the silver spoon in their mouth?" Take that in for a moment People want to work with other people who have had real experiences - whether good or bad. Because your prospects too will face challenges; and you better be the one to have some advice for them...

Success Key 4 - Know What You're Worth

If you want to get paid $100,000 per month; you have to understand that you are worth that much first. You have to determine what you're time and energy are worth and then implement a plan to achieve your desired level of income.

Success key 5 - Educate Yourself

Yes - you might have heard this somewhere else. But you just have to educate yourself properly on the network marketing industry. There are tons of books out there. I especially like Black Belt Recruiting By Mike Dillard - because it teaches you what I think is the most vital skill in network marketing. Effective recruiting. It really is a solid starting point. Here's a link you can use if you're ready.

(copy and paste the link if you have to)

So...You might think these 5 keys are dead simple, and maybe even over-generalized but you'd be amazed that most people simply overlook them everyday. It really is the simple things that make people rich. "Stay at home mom makes it big," "Janitor makes 6 figures a month," and on and on and on.... We hear these stories all the time. But haven't you ever stopped to wonder what makes these people so darn successful?

The answer is simple...

They understand the same 5 keys that Larry Raskin does. It's not hard. Just go and follow them.

All the best in building your business!


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