3 Keys To Spencer Hunn's Success

Published: 27th October 2009
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Spencer who? I know...I know. To be totally honest with you, I really don't like putting the spotlight on just one person, but Spencer more than deserves it. And really; you deserve to know who he is.

And if you're serious about your success in this industry (and I know you are), then just do yourself a favour and get to know this guy.

He's the prime example of an expert network marketer - and there's a lot you learn and apply from him. So in that respect there 3 key things that Spencer does in his business that I want to go over in this post.

And I'm not going to get into Spencer's whole life story here - because you can find that anywhere else. Rather, I want to go into the 3 simple things he uses to build his business for long lasting results. Implementing these strategies will make your business flourish. On a personal level; when I implemented these strategies - things really changed for me.

But I don't just want to share "what" these 3 strategies are - I want to share "how" you can actually put them to use. I find that most articles based on network marketing leave that sort of stuff out - so I'm taking the other route.

Alright, so here we go...

1. Be sure to talk to a lot of people

It's the golden rule of network marketing. You have to talk to A LOT of people. My recommendation? At least 10 people a day. And more upwards toward 20.. Why so? Because when you start to work the numbers out - that's when the law of averages starts to work out in your favour.

In order to talk to 10 - 20 people every single day - you'll need a good system to help you generate endless free leads. The Magnetic Sponsoring System by Mike Dillard comes with my highest recommendation. It's literally the best system I've seen for this. It's free to access so don't hesitate. Here's the link:


(copy and paste the link if you have to)

2. Help other people build their businesses

Simple right? Leaders like Spencer are selfless.... and you have to be as well. He literally takes all focus off of himself and puts that energy into his team. If you can really master this concept, your bank account will reflect it...

3. Get the support of close friends and family

Now you'll have to notice that I said "get" and not "expect." And no; this is not the same as pitching your business. You want people that are willing to stick with you through your good and bad times. Make sure your friends and family know WHY you are doing this business. It will make them more empathetic.

So that's the formula. A simple 3 stage guide you can start implementing right now to boost your results.

Again, when I really put these tactics to use; things really started to change for me - for the better. But you must be consistent.

And if still feel a bit in the dark - then start with Magnetic Sponsoring to help you generate some free leads. Here's the link if you missed it the first time:


(copy and paste the link if you have to)

It'll give you the tools to understand how people like Spencer Hunn do it.

Hope this helps. All the best,


To enjoy success in your network marketing company like Spencer Hunn you need a simple system that will help you brand yourself as a leader and sponsor more reps. Visit the following link and you will be taken to our personal recommendation: Magnetic Sponsoring.

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